SEM Budget - FRAUD Victim

Columbus, Ohio 0 comments

My husband got the call from SEM Budget while I was at the store the other day and bought into their scam about a 'free trial offer' with a free 100 dollar gas car.I was furious when he excitedly told me about this offer.

I knew it was a fraud as our account has been hacked before. Today there was (4) $1.00 charges pending on my bank account. One from SEM Budget, one from TLG Shoppe, one from TLG Great Fun... I called the bank and immediately notified them of this fraudulent activity.

At this point, they say that there is nothing they can do until the charges post. My husband is currently calling SEM Budget to cancel this 'free' membership. I am furious with him to say the least.

As soon as these charges post, my bank refunds the money and any debits (or checks) that we've made come in, I'm closing my account and opening another one.It's the easiest (best way) to deal with fraud.

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